Profitable Property Investments, While Doing Good for Society

At Ethical Property Investments, we guide you to make sound property investments that not only build your financial portfolio, but help and serve the community

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When it comes to investing do you struggle with:

Let us show you how your investment can have a positive impact on society, whilst also generating high cash flow with a tenancy guarantee.

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invest in ethical housing

Imagine, growing your portfolio substantially while investing in socially-conscious properties.

Properties such as community housing for at-risk or vulnerable populations, specifically 55+-year-old women, have a high demand and serve a greater purpose in our communities to offer shelter and safety to these individuals. The team at Ethical Property Investments provides a tried and tested framework for investors to make a positive impact in society through socially conscious, ethical investment choices.

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Invest in Disability Housing

An opportunity to help struggling members of our community whilst generating strong investment returns.

Property investors who choose to invest in ethical and disability housing are not only generating strong returns, they are also helping to solve a social crisis.

Investing in disability housing supports the community while also generating high rental yields through the SDA Commonwealth funding model, resulting in rental returns as high as $1.2 million to $2 million over the next 20 years.

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We are committed to doing our part in changing the world’s financial priorities. By providing ethical investment solutions, we strive every day to enable our clients to build strong property portfolios, whilst helping the less fortunate in their community.


Changing Lives,
One Property at a Time

In addition to providing a strong financial return, ethical property investment can also significantly change the lives of the residents who call these properties home, by providing immense joy, safety, and security that would otherwise have not been possible for these at-risk members of our community.

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Find out how you could generate $800-$1400 per week through our Ethical Investment Properties using our unique tenancy model.