How does it work?

Ethical Property Investments

Enter the world of ethical property investment, where your financial investment also creates something positive that contributes to the community. Watch your portfolio grow while developing safe and affordable housing to support individuals with disability, or at risk members of the community and domestic violence survivors.

What is ethical real-estate property investment?

Ethical property investment is an exciting twist to real estate. It is not just about giving back. It is a unique way to securely expand your investment portfolio and attain long term financial gains.

How does ethical property investment work?

Ethical Property Investments constructs and manages properties in outer areas of Melbourne suitable for residential living. 

Tenants are females identified as high-risk homeless or escaping domestic violence and people with disabilities seeking suitable housing. Tenants living arrangements are managed exclusively in coordination with Ethical Property Investments and registered community and housing service providers.

What Do Investors Stand To Gain?

On average, an ethical property investor can gain $800-$1200 per week on a property through our unique method of tenancy. Location dependent, the yields are between five to eight per cent.

What does the process look like?

The expert team at Ethical Property Investments looks after you through the entire process, from initial meeting to handing you the keys and tenanting your property.

We work closely with you through every stage, to develop a strategy to suit your budget, your needs and location preferences. We then work with the builders and manage the project to completion to ensure it meets all building and council standards. Finally we liaise with our SDA and community partners to tenant the property.

From beginning to end, our turnkey projects offer end to end solutions to our investors with tenancy outcomes.

Service and Proposal of Ethical Property Investments

Making a positive impact on the community is at the forefront of our minds at Ethical Property Investments. We allow influential members of the community the opportunity to make a powerful impact whilst maintaining their cash flow. 

Our team is excited by helping like minded individuals make long lasting impacts to the community whilst providing fundamental investment opportunities in multiple properties.

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Find out how you could generate $800-$1400 per week through our Ethical Investment Properties using our unique tenancy model.