Feedback from some of our successful investors, who have created a positive impact in their community whilst making profitable investment returns for themselves.

We have a sense of satisfaction in being able to invest in something that is ethical and contributing to the social good of our community.

-Joseph and Lucy Phillipos

I see Goro as someone who does not just advise on investment, but who goes much deeper into thinking through what he is driving forward. He analyses community needs and then works to bring together various elements that address those needs. In this instance, he has identified this specific demographic’s housing need, then has brought together these agencies and organisations with investors such as myself, resulting in an effective combination of effort.

-J. P.

“It was just over a year ago that I clicked on a Facebook ad, looking for some expert guidance on how to enter the high income ethical housing property market.

I was introduced to investing in NDIS by your team who helped me decide on the SMART way to invest in NDIS.

While there were others offering higher returns, I chose your team because I felt the integrity in what you had along with a complete “done for you package” along with your partners at Empowered Liveability. 

You didn't just show me an option that was benefiting you, but something that was SAFE for me too!

The ongoing mentoring and coaching calls allowed me to have a long-term strategy to generate wealth for me that I really could not have even dreamt.  Remarkable that it all started from a Facebook like.

I am now at a stage where not only do I have an appreciating asset, but one that pays more than DOUBLE the income of the property next door. 

Looking back now, it’s been a wonderful experience working with you and I am already looking forward to working on my next projects with you.

And a special thanks to their finance team.”

C. G.

Hi Bill, Goro and the 10 properties in 10 years team,

I just thought I would share my story with others so we could help others inspire themselves to move forward with property:

My family and I first migrated to Australia in 2002, we moved into a rental property as we were new to the country and unsure about our plans. We had always dreamt of the Australian dream – which was to own our own house.

Coming from a country where we had worked for decades and not been able to afford property, our minds were set on owning not only one property but many. The only challenge was that we had absolutely no one to guide us when we were young.
Luckily, we met Goro and Bill.

Once my wife and I had stable full time work, we met with Bill & Goro and started to discuss our options around property, they provided us with the advice we needed on finance strategies and providing great insight into the property market.

It took us only 12 months from our initial conversation, to purchase our first property in Lalor, then as our family continued to grow, we then moved into a larger family home in Mill Park only, 18 months later.

I consider myself a simple man with moderate dreams, however when I look back on this journey of over 13 years, I realise that this has been quite integral to building wealth not only for myself, but for my children as well.

Through this journey, we were able leave our day job and invest into our own business, while still allowing us to invest further into property through our both our savings as well as our Self-Managed Super Fund.

We are glad we put our trust and faith in both Goro and Bill, because without this, we wouldn’t be able to live in our dream house in Epping, and have a large property portfolio of 8 properties worldwide.

I can say this quite openly and congruently, that had we not had the continuous guidance and advice from Bill & Goro, we would not be able to enjoy the life we have now, from being self-employed, to living in our dream home and now assisting our children with their plans for the future.

Thank you again Bill & Goro,
- Sanjeev M.

Goro, Joseph & Sab,

I can’t thank-you enough for your guidance & support over the past few months and I really appreciate all that you have done for me.

As you know, I have tried investing in property previously, however the experience was not as enjoyable, forcing me to sell the property.

My BIG dream is to ultimately, leave my current job so I can I continue farming as it is my passion, but without clear direction and solid plan in place, I realised it was going to stay a dream.

It wasn’t until your mentoring, that I was able to see a way to move forward, where I can invest my money into a property that provides a strong cashflow and also, by adding in the right loan structure to pay off my farm in the next 5-7 years.

I look forward to continue building my property portfolio with you in the future and I strongly recommend 10 Properties in 10 Years, to anyone who is seeking to become a real property investor!

Thanks Again & Best Wishes,

Chris S.

My partner and I were extremely keen on embarking on a journey into Property Investment, however, navigating this complex landscape to achieve our goals could not have been accomplished without the exceptional help and professionalism we received from the Team at 10 Properties in 10 Years.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Goro, Danica, Jessie and Rohit for their dedication, effort and going above and beyond in assisting us in purchasing our first land.

Special thanks to Jessie who has worked exceptionally hard and took the time and patience to explain the process to us step by step. We are extremely excited to continue working with Goro and the Team for the next stage of our Real Estate Investment Ventures.

We would highly recommend 10 Properties in 10 Years for those who are keen to take the next step to acquiring their first investment property.

SK and JK, Melbourne, Australia.

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