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Ethical Housing

Ethical Property Investments aims to support older women and those fleeing domestic violence, while also helping mum-and-dad investors to achieve financial security along the way.

A Growing Demand For Ethical Housing

Recent data suggests that women are the fastest growing sector in Australia to face homelessness. Factors such as lower wages, lower superannuation, family violence, age and gender discrimination, plus a lack of affordable housing for low income earners could place more than 400,000 women over the age of 45 at risk of homelessness.

Developing appropriate housing for this growing segment of our community, safeguards them from homelessness and domestic abuse, while also generating a profitable investment with high yields for the investor.

Your Ethical Investment
Makes A Difference

Ethical Property Investments work with community service providers and domestic violence service providers to find tenants and deliver homes that are purpose-built for their needs, with a goal of “doing good while you’re making money”.

Tenants are females identified as high-risk homeless or escaping domestic violence and people with disabilities seeking suitable housing. Tenants living arrangements are managed exclusively in coordination with Ethical Property Investments and registered community and housing service providers.

On average, an Ethical Property investor can gain $800-$1200 per week on a property through our unique method of tenancy. Location dependent, the yields are between five to eight per cent.

A Service for Those in Need

These properties are investment opportunities for everyday Australians who want to channel their resources into an ethically driven solution that will assist those facing homelessness.

Don’t Just Invest, Make An Impact

Making a positive impact on the community is at the forefront of our minds at Ethical Property Investments. We allow influential members of the community the opportunity to make a powerful impact whilst maintaining their cash flow. 

Our team is excited by helping like minded individuals make long lasting impacts to the community whilst providing fundamental investment opportunities in multiple properties.

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Find out how you could generate $800-$1400 per week through our Ethical Investment Properties using our unique tenancy model.