The solution to our housing problem

By collaborating with private not-for-profit and for-profit partners including government at all levels, community-based organisations, market providers, and cross-sector partnerships, this purpose driven solution could come together to finance, develop, and manage social and affordable housing. No single sector can tackle this issue. Various affordable housing strategies like public-private partnerships, mixed-tenure developments, tax subsidies for […]

Launching of the Brilliant House with the Hon Michael Sukkar MP, Federal Minister for Housing

Ethical Investments and Empowered Livability on the launch of our newest home, The Brilliant Home. Ethical Investments has an exclusive arrangement as the only investment partner that Empowered Livability works with. Empowered Livability acts as our tenancy arm, for all of our special disability accommodation properties.  

Why You Should Build Your Next Investment Property

Property and real estate have been the steaming topic of conversation for several decades. Investing in property is mostly a great thing as it increases its worth over time. Very rare you would hear that a property has lost its value. Therefore, after consulting your property advisor in Melbourne you must invest in property to benefit from […]

The Essential Factors For Investing In Real Estate

Real estate investment is highly profitable as the land costs are increasing day by day. All you have to understand certain things regarding property location, value, profit, and purpose of investment. Property mentor in Melbourne at Ethical Property Investments discuss here the factors of investment you should care about. 1. Location of the property Location […]

People Are Into Buying Home More Than Ever

People Buying More Homes Then Ever

According to the Commonwealth Bank (CBA), home buying intentions have recorded high with the home auctions are considered more crowded. HIS (household spending intentions) series from CBA’s last December found home buying intentions were increased with the dwelling price. The falling residential construction rate may continue rising in 2020 because of the previous analysis. Chief […]